[Reminisce, Joshua Garner]

Reminisce – Joshua Garner from Stricko on Vimeo.

In the coming months I have decided to release a series of clips featuring the best of what myself and friends Nic Barclay, Tom Jennings & Luke Waylan have filmed in Western Australia and surrounds. Previously stacking these clips for something bigger and better I just feel up until recently I had lost the drive needed to get shit done.
Firstly, I’d like to reintroduce good friend Joshua Garner. Mates for the last 10 years we decided to strip it all back real raw and just call it how we see it. Filmed on location in WA,SA & The US with Josh on Electric, I present Reminisce.
Enjoy -Stricko
voto video : ♒♒♒♒♒♒☯❂