* 15 mil. – Quality polyethylene bottom-skin that increases speed and performance.
* 20 mil. – Durable high density polyethylene bottom skin that adds stiffness and speed while retaining flexibility.
* A.V.I – This high-tech core features the most advanced polypropylene technology available. A uniform cell structure maximizes the mechanical strength properties of the core which gives a rider superior projection for powerful maneuvers. The incredible strength to weight ratio of A.V.I. core produces an extremely light board with solid structural integrity.
* Bat Tail – Bat tails maximize control by incorporating stabilizing wings to harness the force of a wave. Available in many of Morey’s and BZ’s bodyboards, this high performance tail increases speed and maneuverability. A definite asset in large surf.
* Bumpers – Nose and tail bumpers help maximize seam strength. The fused seams provide structural integrity in high stress areas and help to repel water.
* Channels – Precision formed to the board’s hull, channels allow riders to maintain control in critical situations and increased speed in bigger surf. Grooved slots in the bottom of the board, called channels, help minimize turbulence and increase the boards hold to the wave.
* Compression Molding – BZ is the first to use actual polyurethane cores molded and compressed into ultimate bodyboards. Just as stiff as any board with stringers, this technology is the beginning of a whole new range of production possibilities.
* Crescent Tail – The standard issue tail design. The crescent tail is a solid performer, proven to handle everything the ocean can throw at it. A semi C shape that helps lock the body in position, this simple design is functional for prone, drop-knee and stand-up riders.
* CXL – A 6 lb. crosslink, polyethylene top-skin, the unique bonding properties of CXL form an impenetrable seal with the 20 Mil. bottom Skin
* Dow 300 – The polyethylene core that spawned the industry. This unique core allows maximum flex with the optimal projection for any type of riding. This material makes it one of the most adaptive cores for all water conditions.
* Dow Wavecore – This core was chemically engineered for Morey. Using the finest grade polyethylene blanks available, wavecore features a strong, medium density closed cell foam made of super strong polymeric chains. It has an impact tensile strength of over 45 P.S.I. and is suitable for both warm and cold water
* Fiberglass Stringers – Used in the ripper, the fiberglass stringers run the length of the soft surfboard and add stiffness, rocker and stability to the soft surfboard.
* Green Cell – Entitled “Green” for BZ’s commitment to recycling and respect for the environment, this cross link skin is 100% oceanproof. Designed by BZ for direct lamination to their Zero Gravity core as well as rigidity and comfort.
* H-Cell – An 8 lb. closed cell polyethylene deck skin that has been the industry standard for years. The skin is one of the most durable on the market to date and has withstood the test of time.
* HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) – A super strong plastic slick bottom skin. Once laminated to the core, it provides the board with a virtually indestructible bottom plate.
* HDPP ( High Density Polypropylene) – A super strong 1.2 MM plastic slick bottom skin. Once laminated to the core, it provides the board with a virtually indestructible bottom plate.
* IXL – A 4mm. radiated, crosslink, polyethylene top-skin, the unique bonding properties of IXL form an impenetrable seal with the surlyn bottom skin.
* Morey – Durable, Light-Weight polyethylene foam core. Used on the watersports division items, the Morey core is a medium density polyethylene core.
* Power Rods – Power Rods are dual composite, machine wound tubes that are embedded in the board. The mechanical structure of the tube features a carbon fiber rear section with an incredible strength to weight ratio that gives the unit a solid power base. The top section transform into a flex tip made from torsion stable S-Glass. Power rods provide optimal nose flex with no loss of recoil.
* Sealed Air Core – Standard polyethylene foam core that provides optimal carving performance for beginning and intermediate riders.
* S.I.T. (Sublimated Ink Technology) – The mutli-process system BZ uses to place a graphic on our bottom is not only for looks but adds a whole new dimension of stiffness, flex and durability. Check out the Hubb, Grodzen and Maligs graphic bottoms and ride the difference!
* Star Rainbow – Low density safe polyethylene core.
* Suryln – A performance bottom skin that provides maximum flexibility, superior projection and increased speed. Suryln is similar to the material used on the surface of a golf ball.
* TC6 – Composed of the same first-rate material found in DowCore. TC6 consists of a 1/8″ 6 lb. density per cubic foot material for maximum strength. Also adds comfort.
* TC8 – Composed of the same first-rate material found in DowCore. TC8 consists of a 3/16″ 8 lb. density per cubic foot material for maximum strength. Also adds comfort.
* TFD (Thermal Form Deck) – BZ’s contoured skin that allows traction in essential areas. The “feel” you receive from the traction allows you to truly appreciate BZ’s advanced technologies.
* VFS (Variable Flex Stringer) – BZ Patented projection! Flex your board and feel the snappy return.
* WCS (Woven Composite Stringer) – This is the lightest, most durable stringer used today. This BZ exclusive stringer uses a blend of woven graphite and fiberglass. While keeping weight to a minimum, the WCS stringer prevents buckling during high impact landings.
* X-Flex Core – Designed and patented by Morey, the x-flex mesh system is a rubber, cross-link pattern fused between the core and the bottom skin. This mesh provides superior projection, flex and response properties throughout the entire board.
* Zero Gravity – This core is BZ’s exclusively blended version of a Polypropylene core. The steroid strength and light weight of this material is fundamental to high performance construction. Unrivaled in cell memory, water resistance and durability, Zero G cores are new to the line up of materials.

Stringer – Composite fibre tube running through board to increase strength and recoil.
Core- The foam used in the centre of the board, generally PE, PP or a combination of both.
PE foam – Dow polyethylene foam, provides good flex and memory.
PP foam – Beaded or extruded polypropylene foam, gives stiffness and a light weight.
Projection – The spring, flex motion, or recoil of the board; it increases speed and responsiveness.
Leash – The coiled tether attaching you to your pride and joy.
Nose – The front of the board, narrower noses give manoeuvrability, wider noses give stability.
Tail – The back of the board, come in different shapes and widths.
Deck – The foam top of the board, where you lie or kneel.
Slick – The shiny bottom of the board, where you put stickers.
Rails – The edges of the board, which cut through the wave face.
Chine – The curved part of the deck which wraps around to meet the top of the rails.
Channels – Concave channels in the slick to direct water and give stability.
Concave – A larger concave hollow on the slick, traps air, reduces drag and increases speed.
Nose bulbs – Little bumps on the underneath of the nose to increase your finger grip.
Thumb bar – Same principle as nose bulbs for your thumbs on the deck.
Rocker – The upward shape of your board, less gives speed, more gives manoeuvrability.
Template – The overall shape of the board, directly affects the board’s handling characteristics.
Wide point – The widest point of the board taken from rail to rail.
Nose to wide point – The distance from the widest point to the nose.
Skegs – Little fins on the slick which you tend to not see anymore.
Skeens – Little ridges on the slick which went the same way as skegs.
Boosting – Hitting the pitching lip as fast as you can and getting some explosive air time.
Sick – Very good. Unless it happens on your partner/her dog/the bank manager. Then very bad.
Slammed – The act of getting a smashing, usually a top-to-bottom-caught-in-the-lip wipeout.
Scoop – Bottom turning into a late one.
Barrel – Keg/green room/shack/pit/bazza, etc … The tube: where we all want to be.
Slotted – Deep in the tube baby.
Tube stall – Pulling up on your nose to slow down and enjoy some more of that deep loving.
Air drop – A late airborne take off, sometimes made, sometimes not.
Stuck it – Landed a move cleanly, against all odds.
Old school hack – A big carve off the shoulder, throwing buckets of spray and looking rad.
Rad – An old school word which makes you cool as ****.
Roll takeoff – Waiting for the wave to almost pitch before whipping a roll off the lip to take off.
Prone air – Hitting the lip, flying out in straight prone style, and making yourself look like a legend.
Kook – Someone in the way, general surf idiot.
Flats – The flat waters in front of a pitching wave where huge aerial moves are landed in pain.
Shoulder – The less critical part of the wave; a blank canvas ready for your art.
Claim – Raising your arm/arms after a sick one to signify you are the man. But by doing so, failing.
Boog – A friendly verb and noun for the sport of the gods.
Shaka – The Hawaiian hand symbol of all things cool.
Frothing – Showing signs of mild psychotic excitement for bodyboarding.
Ripping – Showing everyone else in the water how you do it.
Shredding – Ripping.
Flying – Shredding in the air.
Duckdive – The most important move in the sport; the foundation that helps you get out back.
Out back – Where the fun is.
Inside – Where the duckdiving is.
Bailing – For when deciding a snapped leash and long swim is better than attempting a duckdive.
Impact zone – The area in front of a wave where the lip detonates, don’t hang around here.
Close-out – A wave that doesn’t peel and comes down all at once.
Widow-maker – An erroneous big wave that makes your other half fumble to call the coastguard.
Pull-out – Giving up the ride and pulling back through the face of a close-out to paddle back out.
Bombie – A big peak breaking way out back.
Bowl – The wrapping fun shoulder on hollow waves you want to boost out of.
A-frame – A peak that stands up and breaks both ways, like a capital A.
Square – Term for the shape of a super heavy wave as it throws out and barrels, usually over a reef.
Backdoor – Taking off on a wave and racing for the shoulder from behind the section.
Sets – The group of bigger waves that come through periodically, ready to be taken apart.
Cramp – When your leg fails and leaves you splashing about like a newborn deer in the impact zone.
Yewwwww – The noise you hoot from the shoulder when your mate is getting slotted.
Yewwwww – The noise you hoot from the shoulder when your mate gets cramp in the impact zone.
Drop-in – When you take off on a wave which is already spoken for. Expect a stern talking to.
Party wave – When several riders drop in on a wave already spoken for. Kids cover your ears.