[a Holiday - Ben Player]

A Holiday from Edward Saltau on Vimeo.
voto video : ♒♒♒♒♒♒☯

Ben Player takes some time out in Bali to contemplate what his future holds.
Film by Edward Saltau (esaltau@gmail.com)
Camera work by Edward Saltau and Tim Wood(vimeo.com/channels/91902).

Made with lots of help from these very kind folks:
Paul McLennan Kissel
Ben Player
Chad Jackson
Toby Player
Julio Acurio
Iain Frengley
J. Ollie Lucks
Andy Lawrence
Tess Severin

Filmed over 5 days in Bali in October 2011. My apologies for taking so long get it finished, I’ve been travelling and editing as I go has been tricky. Thanks for waiting.

Shot on a Panasonic GH2 and Sony F3 (manned by the exceptionally talented and generous Tim Wood who donated his time and gear at considerable expense).

Sound mix by PMK. Download his album for free here: onsombil.com

Music by Dirty Three and Explosions in the Sky.